Over the years plastic surgery has continued to change and evolve. Check out the video below to stay up-to-date with the latest news in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons cautions consumers on medical tourism; research looks at the longevity of the facelift; and more Indian Americans are opting for nose surgery.

ASPS Medical Tourism Alert, Facelift Longevity, Indian Rhinoplasty:""

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If you desire the softest, most “natural” breasts, and long-term risks do not concern you, then gel implants are recommended. If you are conservative and will fret over unknowns, then saline implants are your better choice. It has been suggested that some insurance companies may not offer coverage to those with gel implants so please be wary but health care reform should resolve this issue.

As far as we know (even with the recent FDA announcement), to the best of our knowledge, silicone gel does not increase your risk for the development of diseases. Ruptures can occur and you may not be aware of it and that is why MRI’s are recommended to help find silent ruptures. Gel implants are cohesive in that it maintains a blob ...

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