How to save when going Out of Network

Published September 29th, 2017 by Drcurtiswong

Welcome to our new website that we hope to provide weekly blogs on pertinent topics related to Plastic Surgery.

Patients with the Blues insurances have had challenges having their procedures here since the established surgeons are no longer providers.  To have procedures covered by your insurance, this requires the 'out of network' route that make the patient responsible for the difference between what your insurance pays and the surgeon's fee, and this can be quite considerable.  To provide another option and to take some of the bite out of this, we provide a 'cosmetic' alternative where we still get your authorization for the OR and anesthesia and we provide a fee that is lower than our full insurance fee that must be paid up front (prior to surgery) to provide a significant net savings but the only catch is having to pay up front like our cosmetic patients do.  

There is a new option as there is a new plastic surgeon coming to town (actually returning since he grew up here) and opening his office very soon.  Dr. Max Malotky will be starting sometime in October and its anticipated tha the will be a contracted provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  His office number is (530) 638-8868.  I wish him the best as there will be a huge void developing in the future as the old guard will be retiring soon.

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